Luxury Talent Management provides people who have an interest in working in luxury the rare opportunity to understand how this industry functions, what sort of competencies are looked for, and how a career within this exciting realm can be built.

The luxury industry is unique, with many critical differences to other brand–centered industries including family business heritage, the role of creation, and the existence of key populations specific to the field.  This book examines these differences and introduces us to the specific challenges faced by those working in the luxury industry, providing valuable insights into what it takes to succeed, as well as what luxury brands must do to retain and recruit the right people who will go on to shape their companies in the future.

Using real life examples and cases studies, Luxury Talent Management provides the reader with a genuine understanding of what the key requirements to work in this industry.  It also explores the leadership challenges that this industry now faces:  understanding the intricacies of family businesses, updating customer service in a rapidly changing digital marketplace, replicating and cultivating talents and hiring Asian managers.

People change issues are essential to what’s happening in the luxury industry today.  All luxury brands are full of both success stories and extraordinary failures stemming from the integration and management of its talent.  Luxury Talent Management is about how these stories can help us understand the intricacies of the luxury industry and develop best practices for the future.

From Business Strategy Review

Luxury brands, much like companies in other industries, are in the midst of a sea change when it comes to their management and business practices. But Gilles Auguste and Michel Gutsatz believe that the major firms in this industry are facing an acute challenge simply because those who have led the industry so successfully are now facing the challenge of ‘going global’, while at the same time preparing for retirement.


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