Luxury Talent Management is an amazing journey of discovery about talents, skill requirements, organizational behaviours, profiles, responsibilities and so much more in the world of luxury. With a good mix of structure, concepts, valuable information, inspiring cases and good lessons to be learnt, this book is a unique immersion in what will be more than ever be the success factor of the future of luxury brands, people and organizations. It is a ‘must’ book for whoever is in contact or active in the luxury world.

Maggie Henriquez
President and CEO of the House of Krug

This book is a very insightful trip inside the realm of luxury, and a brilliant analysis
of its leadership challenges and paradoxes. When I joined Cartier 25 years ago, I believed the brand would be better off if it was slightly more rational. It only took me a couple of years to realize that it was precisely the opposite. This book explains why such a paradox is the norm in Luxury, not an exception.

Cyril Vigneron
Managing Director, Cartier Europe

The characteristics of talent which determine a brand’s success; the chemistry that needs to be established between the brand’s DNA, the personality and skills of the CEO and those of the Art Director, are all clearly underscored by the authors. It is this special alchemy which balances respect for the brand’s history with the way it is and will be projected.

Chantal Gaemperle
Group EVP Human Resources & Synergies, LVMH

It is rare to see a Professor and a Consultant working together with such entrepreneurial
spirit, but Michel and Gilles are also entrepreneurs; it is rare to see a book having such insightful understanding regarding the Chinese Luxury Industry, this book is one of the best; Cathay has invested in many cross-border luxury brands, I will ask every member of Cathay to read this book…

Mingpo Cai
Chairman and Founder, Cathay Capital Private Equity

A comprehensive study of the luxury industry where talent and leadership specificities are put forward in useful conceptual frameworks. An inspiring book, rich in practical applications for luxury executives and outsiders.

Beatrice Ballini
Senior Partner, Russell Reynolds & Associates