LV: A Dreary Invitation To a Voyage

Louis Vuitton has unveiled its new campaign “L’invitation au voyage” – an ad film currently shown in theatres in France. An enigmatic teaser (a woman / a key / a letter / the Mona Lisa…) whetted the appetite of internet users. One could not help but be reminded of the method used by Dior two years ago when it launched the “Lady Dior” series.  When it finally screened, what a disappointment!

A woman and a man as expected – still enigmatic. The Louvre and Paris are there to remind us that LV is a French brand. A balloon (and the title of the film) evokes, of course, the core value of the brand: travel. But what more does the film tell us? In short, nothing. Nothing that reminds one of the real world of travel – exoticism, fantasy, trains… – such as those the brand has been using over the last decades (from the oneiric photographs by Jean Larivière to the recent Shanghai Express). Nothing about the codes of the brand or its iconic products (just the faintest glimpse of a trunk).
Uninspiring to the nth degree, much closer to perfume commercials than the multidimensional universe that luxury brands unfurl. A comparison is called for with two of the biggest recent successes: “Lady Dior” and Cartier’s “Odyssey”. Here are two brands that have managed to delve into their history and their imagination to present us with authentic creations. Everything that Louis Vuitton’s “Invitation au Voyage” is not.

From Brandwatch – Michel Gutsatz – November 25, 2012

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